Custom Websites for Dog Breeders

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Let us build and maintain your website so you can focus on dog breeding! Our professionally-built dog-breeding websites are designed to sell your puppies. We maintain the sites with same-day updates so your site is always up to date. Our per litter fees make it affordable and easy. Network with our other dog breeding clients for tips, puppy trades, and more.


Custom Website Design

Custom Websites from Kindred Tails

Our custom sites are tailored to suit your dog-breeding business and loaded with all of the features necessary to sell your puppies. Your site is always up to date. Mobile-friendly too!

SEO Ranking

SEO for dog breeding websites with Kindred Tails

We have a 100% success rate for getting our sites to rank on the first page of Google for a search of your breed in your state (example: "Goldendoodle puppies in Florida").

Online Advertising

Online Advertising with Kindred Tails

We can bring national traffic to your site by managing your Google AdWords accounts and we also send professionally crafted emails to your mailing list.